Monday, July 6, 2009

Venturing Out

The sun has finally come out. Just yesterday in fact. Everyone here has been very concerned for my well being and keep assuring me that Maine is not always foggy and rainy like it has been for the past three weeks. I will be honest, the weather was starting to get to me. I napped a lot and I was getting very sluggish. But, after just 2 days of sunshine I feel much better and back to my normal self.

Work has been great. I really enjoy my job. The politics of the members can be very touchy but it always makes me sit back and thing "Really, that's what you're worried about?". Silly rich folks.

We are taking advantage of two days off and have driven to Brunswick tonight. We are staying in a lovely Days Inn with a beautiful view of the Wal-Mart and Wendy's. In truth, it's a very nice Wal-Mart. It even has windows! Tomorrow we head to Freeport, ME for some outlet shopping. I love outlet shopping. I'm hoping to find some great post 4th of July clearance deals. Also, my sweet car gets it's 1st oil change tomorrow. I guess in car speak it's kind of like a first tooth or step or potty training. I'm so proud!

When we are back at home I will post pictures of the lunar moth that set up camp on our front porch for a few days last week. It was HUGE and very pretty. Justin and I have decided that if you would like to collect moths, our back porch is the place to do it. We have seen SO many varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors hanging out around our porch light. The cat enjoys them too although he reminds me of King Kong or Frankenstein or something with them. He wants to play with them and then gets mad when they die because he plays too hard.

Harry Potter comes out in nine days and I can't wait to see it. I have lots of reading to do before it comes out though, I'm only on book 4. On that note, I must tend to my FarmTown and hit the book!