Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Late Super Bowl Report

As I previously posted, I have found MANY blog-worthy photos on my camera. Today's topic: our fabulous 1st (hopefully annual) Super Bowl party. It was a smashing success and we had a TON of food. The Colts lost but everyone seemed to have a great time and I don't think anyone left hungry.

First on the menu: CUPCAKES!

Of the mini variety. Note to anyone interested: Just 1 box of cake mix will make 96 miniature cupcakes. You and your waistline have been warned. But don't they stack up pretty. Don't worry, this is not all 96, there are more pictured later in the post. These were just the "extras".

This is our well accessorized Offspring dog, Sirius. I bought some Mardi Gras beads at the Dollar Store and I thought it would be funny to make the dogs wear them.

All went well until Matriarch Canine, Missy, (pictured above) decided that the necklace was a chew toy. This ended dress up time for the puppies. But weren't they cute?

Just a few of the dips we had available. It was a BYOC&B party. Bring your own chips & beverages.

The rest of our dips. You can't see the dips per se but they aren't the showcase in this picure. The showcase item us the kick butt triple crock pot! It was a FABULOUS Christmas gift from Moma & Daddy. Thanks!!

Now, the rest of the cupcakes. I was so proud of my cupcake football field. I had originally hoped to have enough room to have the proper number of yard lines and have them numbered complete with hash marks but, this was pretty impressive none the less. That is, in my own extremely biased opinion.
On a non-Super Bowl related note, my interview went well today. I feel pretty optimistic about a call back. We'll just have to pray and see what happens!
Well, it's late and I think I might try to persuade Hubby that it's bedtime. I hope all is well in your world!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a Slow Moving Wagon

I just uploaded pictures from my camera and realized that I have a lot more blog subjects to share than I thought. I'll start with the most recent - my SUPER COUPON DEALS! I just can't tell you how excited I am.

Store Visit #1: Target

This is my loot from Target. It may not look like much but please note that the batteries are 24 packs and that there is a Venus razor, lightbulbs, swanky Iams cat food and 3 bottles of body wash. (I bought 3 to get a hefty $15 rebate that when added to the $2 discount I got with a coupon and a free bottle I got with another, I actually make $5.32 profit from buying this bodywash!). I got all of this for a whopping $30.66. According to my reciepts plus the rebate I saved $71.44. Some of the deals didn't work the way I wanted because Target didn't have the proper items in stock but all in all, not bad.

Store Visit #2: Harris Teeter:

Not pictured is 40 pounds of Purina Dog Chow. So, picture the Dog Chow plus this haul (not the wine in the back) - I only paid $35.70. According to my receipt I saved $34.03. Again, pretty good haul. The sushi rice in the front wasn't a deal really but we're making appetizers for our supper club this weekend and we needed rice. Asian Pork Balls will be a recipe for another day, I promise.

I hate to deal and run but I have to make sure that I have everything together for my interview at High Point University in the morning. Say a prayer. Cross your fingers. Cross your toes. I need a job!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back In The Saddle

So, as you can apparently tell (if I have any readers left at all besides myself), I took a pause. What can I say? Life got busy. To sum things up, we had a great time in Maine and came home in September. I never thought I'd be so happy to see a Bojangles in my life. It's February now and we're both still looking for jobs. I keep praying and having patience and faith. The right job is out there. I don't know where yet, but it's out there!

In the meantime we've tackled various projects. We canned this fall and made a large amount of jams, jellies (well, we attempted jellies), preserves, and other such things. They proved to be very popular Christmas gifts and we may have to try doing the same thing year after year. It'll be really nice when we have our own fruits and vegetables to can. We've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the house yet it always seems to be a mess. I'm not sure how that happens. I guess it's a result of two adults living here and not leaving sometimes for 4 to 5 days at a time. We've visited friends and family. We're sorting out ideas for a business plan and I'm thinking of writing a cookbook. Now we just have to turn those two things into a reality.

At the moment I'm working on cross stitching a sampler for my Grandaddy's 77th birthday. At the rate I'm going I might be finished with it by May. His birthday is March 1st. I'm sure if I bake him a banana cake he'll be OK with waiting the real present out.

I am very much looking forward to two things this weekend. The first is a "girl's day out" with my mom, her sister, her mom, and myself. This should be fun! My Aunt Bobbi doesn't get to come visit very much so we were all very excited about her arrival today. The second is our Super Bowl Party on Sunday. So far the attendance is looking pretty slim but that's OK. The people who come will have a rip roarin' good time and lots of food and I'll take lots of pictures to share with you.

Well, in all actuality, that's the excitement of my life right now. I'll work on my photojournalistic chronicles of my days again starting tomorrow. Maybe that'll make this much more interesting to read. But, they always say that the first step is the hardest so I went ahead and made that first step back into the blog world tonight.

That's all for now.