Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a Slow Moving Wagon

I just uploaded pictures from my camera and realized that I have a lot more blog subjects to share than I thought. I'll start with the most recent - my SUPER COUPON DEALS! I just can't tell you how excited I am.

Store Visit #1: Target

This is my loot from Target. It may not look like much but please note that the batteries are 24 packs and that there is a Venus razor, lightbulbs, swanky Iams cat food and 3 bottles of body wash. (I bought 3 to get a hefty $15 rebate that when added to the $2 discount I got with a coupon and a free bottle I got with another, I actually make $5.32 profit from buying this bodywash!). I got all of this for a whopping $30.66. According to my reciepts plus the rebate I saved $71.44. Some of the deals didn't work the way I wanted because Target didn't have the proper items in stock but all in all, not bad.

Store Visit #2: Harris Teeter:

Not pictured is 40 pounds of Purina Dog Chow. So, picture the Dog Chow plus this haul (not the wine in the back) - I only paid $35.70. According to my receipt I saved $34.03. Again, pretty good haul. The sushi rice in the front wasn't a deal really but we're making appetizers for our supper club this weekend and we needed rice. Asian Pork Balls will be a recipe for another day, I promise.

I hate to deal and run but I have to make sure that I have everything together for my interview at High Point University in the morning. Say a prayer. Cross your fingers. Cross your toes. I need a job!


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