Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Travel Journal

It's day 2 of our journey to Maine. We are currently in Lewiston, ME at a very inconspicuous TraveLodge. It was SO inconspicuous in fact that we passed it twice before we found it. You see, the sign out front is a HUGE green sign saying "Chalet Somethingoranother" and you can only tell it's a TraveLodge if you happen to catch the red blinky sign underneath when it happens to say: TRAVELODGE. Silly us thinking that it would have a normal sign.

Anyway, back to the travel journal. We started out yesterday leaving our beautiful home in North Carolina behind. It was sad, I cried for half an hour. But, once we crossed into Virginia I put on my big girl panties and my Dirty Dancing soundtrack and trucked on down the road. The drive was nice. There was very little traffic and beautiful scenery. I saw a shopping center made just for men. There was a Tractor Supply, Camping World, and Gander Mountain all sharing one parking lot. All they need is a Harley Davidson dealership! The farms in Pennsylvania are to die for. If I could move my entire family and have my own Sundrop bottling plant and Bojangles on site, I'd move there forever. We hit a very nasty storm complete with hail when we crossed into Maryland but we stopped for a few minutes and avoided the bulk of the hail and then it was on the road again. Our stop for the first night was Scranton, PA. It was kind of a run down hotel but the employees were friendly and the room was pretty big so the animals had lots of room.

Today began with a bit of a rough start. You see, my cat is not a traveller. We purchased some tranquilizers for him to make the trip a little easier. But Satchel isn't a pill taker so the first one today was kind of a struggle. He only got about half of it. So, we gave him another one and then he was loosey goosey. He didn't give two hoots about getting in his pet taxi which was a stark difference from yesterday. The problem was that he was so loose that he urinated all in the pet taxi during the trip from the hotel room to the car. So, we stopped at a gas station down the road and Hubby went inside and got a newspaper (to line the pet taxi after it was clean) and a pair of gloves to keep us from getting icky. Hubby held Satchel up while I poured a bottle of water over him and the pet taxi. Cats do not like water. Cats that are drugged out on tranqs don't like water either, but they don't fight as hard. Now, I'm sure this was quite a sight to see in a gas station parking lot. Obviously a bottle of water isn't going to get a pet taxi completely clean so my car smelled slightly of cat pee all day. We did get an air freshener at a truck stop so then it smelled like pina coladas and cat pee. Also, the further north you get, the more inconsiderate the drivers. I had to learn to drive like a Yankee and I have to say, I don't like that side of myself. I tailgated. On purpose. Lord, I apologize and be with the starving Pygmees.

Finally we got to Lewiston. We have two more hours of driving tomorrow to get to the ferry as well as a trip to the grocery store. Then, we'll be in our summer home. What a nice ring that has. It so masks the fact that we are the paid help. No matter what gets me there, I still have a better view than a lot of people for the summer AND I don't have to pay for it. YAY! Well, it's almost bed time for tonight. To all my friends I left behind, I love ya!!



  1. Funny you should mention that shopping center for men. That's only 2 exits up from Josh's house in Roanoke. Welcome to my life!!!

  2. That's HILARIOUS! You can just drop him off and pick him up in a week!