Thursday, July 29, 2010

Generation Celebration

I apologize for the lack in food pictures lately.  I haven't actually done much cooking this week.  Only a cherry pie for Hubby.

I LOVE to make pie.  It's my favorite thing!I also love any excuse to use my Fire King Jadite pie dish.  It makes my heart swoon!

Anyway, on to the Celebration for Generations.  Monday was my Grandmother's birthday.  She's 18 again! :) 

 Isn't she adorable?  Of course she is!  She's Grandmother!  Now, I know I'm partial, but my Grandmother is the best!  I stayed with her every day as a child before I started school and then every summer after.  She made me "special biscuits" at lunch in the shape of teddy bears and flowers covered in butter, cinnamon, and sugar.  Every day at 4:00 we had tea and crumpets and she would make special sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters and peanut butter cookies.  We would pretend we were Mrs. Peabody and Miss Applebee and pin the curtains together so that it would be dark and "elegant".  She taught me to read and play I spy, Red Light, Green Light, and Giant Step (kind of like Simon Says).  She would play her Elvis tapes and we would dance to Jailhouse Rock and Blue Suede Shoes.  She taught me life lessons like how to love unconditionally, how to make my world the best it could be by finding the good in everything, and how to NOT take crap from anyone.  She's my hero and I love her so big!

As has become tradition, my mom and I took her shopping on Monday.  We spent the whole day at the mall and as an added surprise to Grandmother, my Aunt Bobbi (Moma's sister) came in from Carolina Beach just for the occasion.  I never did get a picture with the three of us because either my mom or I was behind the camera.

This is our lunch crew.  We ate at Grandmother's FAVORITE restaurant, The Olive Garden.  My mom is in the dark blue shirt and Aunt Bobbi in the light blue.  We were also joined (another surprise for Grandmother!) by Grandmother's friends Martha and Brenda.  It truly was a wonderful day with three generations of my family's spectacular women!

On a side note, I found the items in the picture below in the Dollar Store.  You know, that store where everything in it only costs $1.  Somehow I don't think that these are meant to really add bling to your car.

Also worthy of note is this shoe as modeled by Grandmother.  It's hideousness and the high price of somewhere near $40 I qualify it as the worst foot wear monstrosity I've ever seen in my life.  Even with Grandmother's beautiful face it still cannot be considered as something someone would SERIOUSLY put on their feet!  If any of my readers actually like or own this pair of shoes I do apologize for my differing taste.  I invite you to model them for me with your complimenting outfit.  Sometimes things look better on than off.

However, I will leave you with this beauty.  I only wish I had a dress worthy of wearing these with.  They, along with my beautiful pie dish and Hubby, make my heart swoon!

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