Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Amazing What You See

I've missed a couple of days.  I beg your forgiveness.  In my own defense, the laundry got done as well as the grocery shopping, dishes, meals, weeding the garden, and peeling and freezing these beauties.

Two gallons of them!  And they are FANTASTIC!  SUPERB!  DELICIOUS!  That's enough bragging, huh?

Hubby started working this week.  So far he really likes his job.  We're both getting used to his schedule.  He's been going in to work at 7:00 each morning so we've been getting up at five.  I've been doing as I said and channeled "June Cleaver" and making his breakfast every morning.  At first I thought I would surely go back to bed each day.  But, somehow, I didn't.  Somehow, I stayed awake and got outside and did my gardening and got sweaty and then made it inside in time to shower and watch Rachael Ray.  I planned ahead for supper and made good ole country meals.  I clipped coupons.  And ..................... I napped.  But only a little!

In doing this I've been able to see an absolutely glorious sight two days this week.  Butterflies.  I planted a butterfly bush a couple of years ago.  When I bought it it was only about a foot tall.  In the two or three years I've had this bush I've never noticed that it actually attracted butterflies. That was, until this week.  As of this week the bush is about six and a half feet tall.  The first day, I only got to witness this fantabulous creature.

Today, Hubby came in and let me know that I should grab my new snazzy Nikon and head outside.  He said there were about 4 butterflies on the bush.  I waited a couple of minutes, finished harvesting my crops on Frontierville (yes, I'm THAT nerd), and then I headed outside.  I can't even describe how breathtaking it was when I got there.  There were at least 6 butterflies.  Huge butterflies.  And dozens of moths.  And a bee.

See them in there?  It's spectacular!

I literally have hundreds more.  It was a little bit of a spiritual experience as they were all flying around my head.  Just a moment where I truly got to see and enjoy God's small wonders.  I just thought I'd share a little of my blessing!

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