Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello, My Name is Danielle and I'm a Dish-O-Holic

So, to keep myself honest, I will admit that I did not get to the laundry today.  However, I did make myself productive.  Hubby and I went to the Farmer's Market this morning.  I worked in my flowers for a little while this afternoon.  As I was cleaning my lilies I found these:

Butterfly wings.  I don't know what happened to the actual butterfly.  I assume he got eaten by something that didn't like the taste of his wings.  I guess whatever ate it didn't have any buffalo sauce or ranch dressing handy.  Was that out of line?  Anyway, I thought it was very interesting and rare to find a whole set of butterfly wings so I delicately collected them and I'm trying to think of a way to mount them to something and preserve them.

I also cooked and actually cleaned the kitchen up behind myself.  I even got prepared and made a hash brown casserole for the morning.  See, I told you I'd been productive.

Now, on to the meat of this blog.  I promised yesterday that I would tell you about my addiction to dishware. While I can't show you EVERY piece of dishware and pattern that I own, I will show you my favorites.

This is my dish cabinet.  Well, one of my dish cabinets.  I have another full of my crystal but as I like to say, that's another blog for another day.  Notice that you can't see the top shelf.  If you're wondering those are all serving dishes.  You will also notice that there are MORE dishes tucked back behind the door there.  I told you it was bad.  I told you I need help.

These precious things are from The Pampered Chef Simple Additions line.  They're called "Dots"  They're whimsical yet simple.  Frilly but not so much so that my husband won't eat off of them.  In short, I love them.  My mother in law gave me 2 place settings last Christmas and I can't get enough.  I even got fabulous water glasses that match the set.  I want more.  Much more!

This is my "wedding china".  It's actually not china.  These plates are actually from the Noritake casual dining line called Colorwave.  This wave of color is Raspberry and that's what made them a perfect match for Hubby and I.  The eating side of the plate is a simple bone color which Hubby likes.  His chef instincts say to him that plates should be simple and white and the food should be the decoration.  The rim and underside are such a luscious color that my girly decorating needs are fulfilled.  I have received 3 place settings so far and only one dinner plate has been broken.  I would like to have a full 8 place settings.  I want to be able to say "that's my wedding china" when my children eat off of it.  When those children break a plate I want to sit in the floor and cry and say "That was my wedding china".  And when my oldest daughter (who has yet to be born) gets married and moves into her first little house and only has styrofoam to eat off of, I want to be able to pass them on and say "Here honey, this is my wedding china and now it's yours".  That's if I ever get a full 8 place settings and if those place settings make it  long enough to pass down.

Most of you know what this is.  It's Fiesta ware.  Who in the world doesn't like Fiesta ware?  Communists and cretins, that's who.  It's simple, timeless, and colorful.  In fact, it comes in a whole array of different colors and I want ALL of them.  They don't all have to be in place settings.  They can be baking dishes and serving bowls and even a knife block set.  But I do want them ALL.  Well, maybe not Cinnabar.  But the rest will do.

I do not know what line of dishes these are.  I do know they are Lenox.  I do know that they resemble the Butler's Pantry line.  I also know that I paid $6 at a yard sale for 2 dinner plates, 2 salad plates, and this one bowl which is the perfect size for Hubby to eat cereal from.  I'd be OK if I didn't get any more of these.  They don't light an emotional flame in  the very depths of my soul.  I'll probably pass them on to my brother when he gets his first apartment or house and is eating off styrofoam exclusively.  But I'll only do that because I love him so so so much.  (Don't tell him I said that, he'll probably get embarassed)

I have several other patterns and colors.  I still have the first dishes I bought when I went to college.  I still have the first dishes I bought when I moved into this house as a young bachelorette.  I even have seasonal dishes.  Easter dishes.  Autumn dishes.  Halloween dishes.  Christmas dishes.  Antique dishes that belonged to my Mamaw Yokeley that I use exclusively for decoration and I may never ever eat off of for fear of breaking them and losing them forever.  And then there's the crystal, but, well, you know.

See, I told you.  It's a sickness.  It's a disease.  I've also decided that it's incurable.  All you can do is treat the symptoms by buying more dishes.  So that's what I intend to do.

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