Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here a Blog, There a Blog

And here I am again, trying to make pitiful excuses for the 5 month gap in my blogging.  The truth is the only excuse I have is: I'm lazy.  But, I got to thinking today about the things I'd like to get done now that Hubby has a job and I will be left to entertain myself for ten hours a day.  Of course I have many grandiose dreams about channeling Barbara Billingsley in "Leave it to Beaver" and having all of the laundry done, the house clean, and fabulous home cooked meals on the table every day when he gets home all while wearing pearls and heels and frilly aprons.
I don't think I'm willing to copy the hair cut, but, I'm going to try to give MOST of it a fair shake.  I'll go ahead and admit that the heels and pearls won't happen and I only have one frilly apron so that probably won't happen either.  But I will give the rest of it a shot!  I'm not making any promises.  

We have planted some pretty sizable gardens this year, both flower and vegetable.  The vegetable garden isn't faring so well due to very dense dirt and poor drainage but we should at least get a few tomatoes out of it.  The flower garden, however, is doing wonderfully despite the great drought we've been experiencing the past couple of weeks.  However, as the flowers flourish, so do the weeds and it's just too darn hot out there to go pulling them up right now.  So far I have fought and won the Great Aphid and Japanese Beetle Wars of 2010 and won.  I've been trying, as much as possible, to use organic solutions to fight the pests not because I'm trying to save the world or anything but because I'm cheap.  This leads me to another goal I contemplated today.  I'd like to try and see how many convenience items I can craft at home to save some dollars.  I'm not sure that I'm willing to give up Tide or the luxury of volumizing shampoo but it I can get by without buying Bisquick and other such things I'd like to give it a try.  We'll see how that goes.  I'll be sure to keep you updated.

So, for the third or fourth but possibly not the last time I will make a pledge to try and be more faithful in my updates.  I assume that there might be only one person reading this (which may or may not include myself) but in case there's a second reader out there, I ask only one thing of you.  Keep checking back.  Keep reading.  Hold me accountable.  I need a blogging sponsor!  Can you do that for me, please!?!


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