Friday, May 15, 2009

And so it begins

I have been inspired by to begin this blog. I am hoping to use it to a) kill some time while I'm counting down the minutes left sitting at this awful desk b) chronical the ups and downs and secret weapons I used to plan my bargain basement beautiful wedding and 3) talk about being a newlywed. I realize that it is quite possible that none of this is in any way interesting to anyone but it may be a creative release for me. Also as a life long journaler I am finding that I have no time to journal when I am at home. However getting paid to journal is a whole other story. Also, maybe, just maybe, I can use these posts to put together the book my husband assures me I should take the time to write.

For my 26th birtday which I will celebrate tomorrow I have decided that I would like to really learn photography. And get a really really really nice camera with which to do it. I've always wanted to learn photography and take really cool pictures. I've managed a few lucky shots throughout my life. But I have decided to take it seriously now. Read a book. Take a class. Buy a really cool camera. I haven't shared this with Hubby yet but I will and I think he'll be all for it. Then I can post pictures on the blog too. Speaking of my birthday no one here at work has remembered my special day. This is highly unusual. The Downstairs Ladies always remember my birthday. But, whatever.

Well, I suppose this should be the end of the introductory blog. Darth Vader (the GM at the main hospital) is about to enter my happy domain. I must meditate and put up my mental shield against his pessimistic and demeaning attitude. Then I may leave for the day.


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