Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cold Nose, Yummy Supper, Lonely Night

I am down to 12 days left at work. Bless the Lord I just don't know how much more I can stand to be there. It's not so bad, I'm just ready to go. You know what I mean, like when you're on your last day of vacation. You don't want to leave, you've had a great time, but once you've packed you're just ready to be home.

I had a lovely supper tonight. Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potatoes. Yummy Yummy Yummy!

As you can probably tell from the title Hubby is at work. Being that it's almost 11:00 he should be on his way home within the next hour. I really should have blogged earlier but I had a few technical difficulties. You see, I started out the night playing with the background on the blog. Thanks be to my wonderful sister in law Briana for the links. Check out Breezy Bride's blog for more details. Well, then I got, shall we say, crafty. Bad idea. I'm over the age of 20 and without a computer programming and web page design degree I am officially too old to mess with this stuff. I tried to download a photo editing software so that I could be all savvy and do editing wonders to my pictures. I of course had to use a free one because I'm twenty something and fabulous which in layman's terms means broke. So, I download and open a picture and start to play. All I did was make the picture look worse. Then I tried to make a banner for my blog. No such luck my friend, it was awful and I even downloaded the largest chunk of it. Then I wanted to try and change the font on my blog using really cool fonts that I found on various websites. Now, I did take an HTML class as a young whipper snapper but all of that information left my head as soon as my tests were graded. In short, no cool fonts. (Bri, what the crap do I do?) Throughout all of this I apparently downloaded some icky STDs onto my computer because for at least an hour I had no internet. So, 1 system restore, 1 Spybot search & destroy, 2 system immunizations, and 1 Spybot update session later, I am finally able to say I lived to blog about it.

Side note: I kind of want to vomit right now. I'm watching Ripley's Believe it or Not and there is this 110 lb girl who had her back skin pierced with hooks that they then attached to an armored truck so that she could pull said truck 400 feet by just walking forward. It was about the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I'm sure I've seen more disgusting but none of those things come to mind right now.

Shout out to all of my bridesmaids: Who's missing a handkerchief? It's at my house.

Also, did anyone leave a pair of Acuvue contact lenses? They are at my house too. I imagine they belong to one of by beautiful sisters in law. We will bring them down when we come down for the pool party.

Hubby called just a few minutes ago. He'll be heading home soon. I am so glad for that. I am very cold, kind of bored, and slightly lonely.


  1. son lentes descartables no ?

  2. I actually don't think that they are mine. I ordered my contacts online and they don't give me the little L or R sticker (which, of course, means that I have to stick them in without a clue which is which and usually end up cross-eyed first!) so I think they must belong to another bridesmaid! :) Maybe the other sister in law?

    Okay, so for the cute fonts... did you checkout kevinandamanda.com? She has a STEP BY STEP tutorial (you didn't think I was that technically savvy, did you, sis? BAHAHA!)

    Click here for Amanda's tutorial.
    Loving the layout, btw! I actually had this one as my background a few weeks ago.

  3. The lenses are disposable and not opened. They must be Jessi's.

    I didn't see the tutorial on Kevinandamanda.com. I was trying to use the cutestblogontheblock tutorial but it didn't have cute fonts. I will play with it Sunday night while Hubby is at work.