Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuffed Like a Tom Turkey

I had a Daddy-Daughter date tonight. My last one before I leave for Maine. *sniff* We had Mexican food and it was quite tasty. Today was a seriously busy day. I met my replacement today. She's a very nice lady and I feel quite sure she's going to do my job much better than I ever did. But, that's great because I'm going to have a super job this summer and come back to find something I love to do. That's a promise!! Hold on, I'm so stuffed I need me some jammies!

All right, I am a million times more comfortable now. I am absolutely going to have to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon. My skinny jeans that had become my comfy every day jeans are now my skinny jeans once again. I am so glad that this week is only a 4 day work week. Next week will be so busy because of period close that it'll be over before I know it and then it will be time to pack and move! I'm kind of nervous about it. Very excited but I'm just such a home body that I'm not sure how I'll do that far away. It feels like I'm leaving for college all over again. I just have to remember that college was a wonderful adventure and that this will be too. I mean, I met Hubby in college and this time I get to take him with me and live and work with him. What could be better than that?

I have found that going to bed early and catching some z's before Hubby comes home is a wonderful idea. I was able to get out of the bed extremely well this morning. I hope tomorrow morning proves the same.

I've decided to re-read all of the Harry Potter books before the movie comes out this summer. I'm going to have to buy the first 4 again because my younger sister still has my copies. It's no problem, they're pretty cheap. I'm super excited about the movie and love that ABC family is having a Harry Potter weekend this weekend and will be showing clips of "The Order of the Pheonix". Can't wait!!

Well, time to head to bed and get a little nap before Hubby gets home.



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