Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celebration Summation

As promised here is short pictorial view of my birthday celebration with Moma and Daddy. Hubby and I went to my parents' home away from home: the campground that is a short 15 minute drive from their house. We had a scrumptios dinner of T-bones and sweet potatoes which was followed by leftover wedding cake turned birthday cake and home made banana-pineapple ice cream

Here I am, cutting my wedding cake again. This time I didn't end up with any icing on my nose.

Hubby and I by the lake. It was a beautiful day. I really enjoyed spending time with my parents and their friends. I am thankful for the time we got to spend with them since I will be so far away this summer. I am so lucky to have such a great relationship with my parents and also that they love Hubby so much!

On a side note I got to enjoy my flowers a great deal while taking out the trash yesterday as I cleaned. Here are some pictures of some exceptionally beautiful ones.

Now we are off to the Sticky $3 Theater in town to see Angels & Demons. It's not the nicest movie theater however it is inexpensive and if the movie is good enough you get transported to a whole other world and get to ignore the fact that your shoes stick to the floor.

It's back to work tomorrow. Ick. I have to pretend to be a General Manager for a week and probably won't see my office until next Monday. I guess it will be nice to have a change of pace but I will miss my lunch buddies and will have to endure a whole week of the Hypochondriac Secretary. Pray for me.


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