Saturday, May 16, 2009

Feelin' Mighty Fine

Today I will put forth my first effort in my own version of "photo-journalism" of my day to day activities. Let me know what you think!

I've had quite a wonderful birthday today. It began with Hubby cooking my breakfast before he went to work. Very tasty. There was an onslought of birthday wishes from friends and family throughout the day which I greatly enjoyed and am very thankful for. I made at least 40% good on my gift of a clean house to myself.

I began in the bedroom. Please note that the clothes at the end of the bed are clean but have just not been put away.

After an hour - I was delayed by a wonderful chat with my Grandmother - this is the finished result. Our vaccuum needs a new bag so I couldn't get the floor but it's not bad!

Then I attacked the bathroom. This task wasn't quite as daunting since I had sort of straightened up at one point this week but everything still needed quite a scrub down. Jennie was on the phone with me for most of this task.

Ah, the fruits of my labor yet again are so sweet!

Then came the living room. I swear, somewhere between the toxic waste dump and the pile of discarded shoes there is a coffee table in there. I had the least amount of motivation to get this done. I tried to put it off by having lunch. Then I tried a nap but God decided to remind me that I should hop to it with a sweet Happy Birthday call from Aunt Judy.
I told you I had a coffee table. Little did I know I also had a floor. Please cue the Hallelujah Chorus.

After all of this was done I decided I had worked hard enough for one birthday. Then I got a lovely visit from my next door neighbor to let me know that the matriarch canine of the family - Missy - had gotten loose from her line outside. Now, had this been Sirius, her gangly yet lovable offspring, I wouldn't have worried. But Missy is more of a "free spirit" shall we say. She's led me on one particularly embarrasing chase in Maine last year and forced me to run barefoot in pink Care Bear pjs in front of members who were ready to enjoy a lovely round of golf. So, needless to say I was a bit worried. To my delight when I opened the back door there she sat! I was geared for her to bolt when I stepped out of the door so I first tried calling her to me instead of launching after her. I was quite overjoyed when she listened and trotted right into the house.

Hubby got home a little after 4:00 and then it was truly time for the birthday festivities to begin. We had a scrumptious supper with my parents at the campground. I will chronicle the second part of my birthday tomorrow. It's late, Hubby is ready for bed and quite honestly, so am I!


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