Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We've had a wonderful weekend. Hubby was actually off work all day Friday and Saturday and also this morning.

Friday night we went to a housewarming party for Nick and Sarah. It was absolutely a great time. We made some awesome PW recipes - Pastor Ryan's Dutch Oven Bread and Oatmeal Crispies. I made a little twist on the Crispies: I didn't have plain Quick Oats so I used instant oatmeal packs - Apple Cinnamon flavor. It gave instant kicked up yumminess. Also, in order to use only things we had in the house, I made these delicious chocolate dipped Ritz crackers w/ PB.

Here's Hubby making the bread. He loves the Kitchen Aid. He's not the only one. It beats the pants off a hand held mixer. It's not quite as convenient but that's just the price you pay for culinary fabulosity. Anyway, the bread was great. Check out P-Dub's site for the recipe. If you don't have fresh herbs to put in the dough we highly recommend Mrs. Dash. It's amazing! On the way to the par-tay we stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some nummy cheeses. One was from a dairy in Galax, VA. Hubby read that the cheese is so good that the chef of the French Laundry buys cheese from there. It was pretty good! The kind we got had a nice sharpness to it but it wasn't a hard cheese. Perfect for herby bread. Also we got some nice cream Port Salut. I love love loved that one. Hubby's making me a bit of a cheese snob. But no one, I repeat no one, will ever make me stop loving Velveeta cheese cubes at a party. It's high class! Anyway, we had a great time hanging out with my old friends. I'm so happy for Sarah & Nick and absolutely hate that we'll miss their wedding. We'll have to rock out the wedding gift!!

Saturday was a great day. We hung out, cleaned a little bit, planted some new flowers out front, watched a lot of TV, and did a little household shopping. We very rarely get a full, unadulterated day of nothing but each other's company. It's precious time I wouldn't trade anything for.

This morning we went to church for our special Memorial Day service. It's was very touching and I felt like it was very honoring of all of our members who once served or are currently serving in the armed forces. I cried a lot, it was very special. Then it was home for a very nice pot of chicken & dumplings. Again, nummy. Of course this was all after we had to chase a BIRD out of our HOUSE this morning. You see, the vent for our dryer on the side of the house seems like a nice little cozy place for birds to try and nest. The thing is that they get in and they sometimes fly all the way down the vent to the hose that connects the dryer to the vent in the wall and then they get stuck. Then they get very very mad and make lots and lots of noise at very early hours of the morning. So, when we woke up this morning we heard the critter just flapping and scratching and pitching quite a fit. Hubby thought it would just be a wittle bitty birdy so he got a plastic shopping bag to catch it when he took the tube off of the dryer and then let it go free outside. Well, when he took the tube off the bird did fly into the bag but then Hubby realized it was very big about the same time it flew itself out of the bag. Then it made a couple of laps around the house, scared the cat to run in a frenzy under the bed, scared the fool out of the dogs, made one more lap,a nd then flew outside. Of course most of you should know, I don't mess with birds unless they are dead and edible so I didn't want to have much to do with this process. Well, about half way through the fiasco I thought the bird was out of the house so I came out of my safe place in the bedroom. Then I found out otherwise and ran in the bedroom and while I was trying to shut myself in I started screaming to Hubby "Get the BB gun, Get the BB gun!". Fat lot of good that advice was, the BB gun was in the very room that I was shutting the bird and ultimately Hubby out of to keep myself safe and all the while praying "Dear God, please don't let your beautiful creature poop all over my house!" Finally the bird found it's way out of the back door, didn't poop in my house and didn't scratch or peck either mine or Hubby's eyes out. Thank the Lord!!

Now Hubby is off to work and I'm very bored. I would give anything to send all of the pictures that we currently have from various family members' cameras to have 1 hour printing done so that I could start filling frames and photo albums and most of all scrapbook. Hubby gave me the COOLEST scrapbooking set for my birthday with all sorts of cool stuff in a super awesome carrying case and by golly, I want to use it!!! But the cheapest 1 hour deal I can find is still $60 and it's probably too late on a Sunday anyway and we need that $$ for other projects. So then I thought I may take $20 to the Dollar Tree and have some fun. But then, what do I need to buy more stuff for? We're leaving in 2 weeks and the last thing we need is more stuff.

So I guess what I should do is some laundry, straightening, dishes, and packing. But what fun is that and how does that fit in with a Lazy Sunday?

Well, I managed some laundry and a little straightening in the kitchen including running the dishwasher. Then I got a call from Hubby. The good news: his tenure at his place of employment ends one day earlier than we anticipated. The bad news: he has to work every single night until then. Closing. CLOSING! Which means he gets home way late. Like, he's not leaving work tonight until a quarter 'til midnight. And I work during the day. So I don't get to see him for very many waking hours for the next five days. But, at least I will get to see him at night when he gets home. Maybe I'll nap in the evenings so that I can be up when he gets home and spend some time with him. That sounds like a plan. But, I didn't do that today so I must run and get some z's. G'night!


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