Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nose to the Grind Stone

Wow, what an odd day it has already been at it's only 10:31! I almost got side swiped on Bryan Blvd. this morning on my way to work by a blue Toyota Camry. Yes I saw you you hateful inattentive blond old woman! You almost hurt my car and me! This after I just had a dream last night that I rolled the car down a hill and not on it's 4 wheels. Very scary. Almost had to change my pants. Then I got to work and have been combating various fires since I got here.

I had supper with my lovely mommy (pictured left). It was a truly good time. I am very very close with my mom. In fact one of her co-workers said that we sounded more like 2 teenage girls giggling than a mother and daughter. We are very silly you see. In fact my mom's motto is "Never loose your goof!" It's a very good motto that both my husband and I whole heartedly agree. My mom really is my one of my best friends and I am not ashamed to say that I am just like her.
Below is our supper. Hubby made yummy soup.

And he also took this picture of more of my pretty flowers. Love 'em! But he's home now so I must be off and spend quality time.
Good Night! DAW


  1. ha, I made cabbage this week too! great minds think alike! definitely gotta try your recipe- sounds amazing! :)

    by the way, i'm pretty sure the microwave at meemaw betty & honeypaw's house is much, much older, even though that seems hardly possible! lol! yep, on the 8th day, God creates that microwave!

  2. Justin agrees about the microwave. I guess I just didn't pay enough attention. I've just NEVER seen one where you have to choose the temperature on the dial.