Monday, May 18, 2009

The Great Pretender

So here I am at work. At a Director's desk. Answering the Director's phone. Pretending to be a department director. I hope this charade doesn't have to last long because truth be told I wouldn't want this job if my life depended on it. I am also suffering with severe Short-Timer's Disease. It is a chronic condition that typically appears in individuals who have put in their final notice and their current place of employment. Symptoms include fatigue, listlessness, attention deficit disorder, lack of motivation, and in most cases generalized not giving a hoot. I have a rather long and very official looking to-do list. If my boss asks me what I have going on I can refer to it and sound very very busy. However when it's just me in the office by myself I have yet to get jack-diddly-squat done. As long as I look busy and get things done by the deadline, right?

Hubby and I went to see Angels & Demons last night. For those of you who have read the book: this movie will hack you off to no end! Ron Howard took some serious film liberties with the story that in my own opinion really lessened the suspense of the story all together! Hubby and I both read the book while on our Honeymoon and were ecstatic to see that the movie was coming out so soon. It was especially exciting to know that the opening coincided with my birthday weekend. Now, we've had the discussion before about how we typically always think that the movie is NEVER as good as the book. Yet we subject ourselves to this torture time and time again. Read the book and "Oh, can't wait to see the movie!", see the movie, "Oh, the book was so much better". Now this is not to say that if you didn't read the book you won't enjoy the movie. If you haven't read the book you will certainly enjoy the movie. Probably much more than I did. And for those of you who think Dan Brown is a satanic heretic out to destroy religion I would like to point this out to you: while I don't know about The DaVinci Code I can say that in Angels & Demons he is trying to use fiction to bridge the gap between science and God. His main point here (by my own interpretation) is that both worlds can co-exist and even promote each other instead of one disproving the other. Despite what the Southern Baptist Convention might say I do think that the man has a solid faith in God. I do doubt his faith in the Roman Catholic church from time to time. But he believes in God.
Have you ever been to Taco Bell and heard "We are all out of Mexican Pizzas"? It's heart shattering.
Also note worthy today -- For the second time in my life I saw an interstate completely desolate and clear. The first time former President George Bush was speaking in Charleston, SC and was on his way into town within the hour. Today Vice President Joe Biden is speaking at Wake Forest's graduation ceremony and I assume he was also on his way into town. It's an eerie experience. I would have stopped to take a picture to share but I 1) didn't have a camera, 2) was late for work, and 3) didn't really want someone to think I was a sniper casing the area. It was pretty cool to witness though. I did however, for the second time in my life, miss seeing the actual motorcade.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy a new rain coat? I haven't actually had one since I was a child. I want the dressy kind, not the hiking kind.
Also, what's the deal with Twitter? I can't figure out it's purpose!

Here's Hubby enjoying the mack daddy deck chairs we have. If you don't have one I would highly recommend it. If you don't have a deck to sit in them on I would highly recommend getting such a deck and then the chairs. They're so heavenly for enjoying a nice afternoon. We are at the moment outside doing just that. I got home a little early today after a fiasco of a time trying to get my name changed. Actually it wasn't so horrible, I'm just a doofus. The Social Security Office is a terrible place though. It smells like dirty arm pits.
Tonight Hubby and I will first clean the kitchen as it as a serious den of iniquity. I will include before and after pictures later on. And then we will see what our two culinary minds can do with HAMBURGER! I might have pictures of that as well. We just have to see.

Late night addendum: I would like it noted that Hubby just killed my Mii. I was walking along my tightrope as pretty as you please on the Wii Fit and he came right up behind me and tickled me until I lost my balance and fell off. He killed his Nintendo wife. I need to call the Super Mario Brothers to straighten his butt out!

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